Sachin, still alive!

A very amusing article by Moin Khan on Sachin Tendulkar and the present Pakistan team. Its good to see that there are some pretty optimistic characters left in Pakistan who firmly believe that they do have players who are on par with the great man.

But that said, is it really the time for Sachin to leave. Of course he has age on his side but that’s immaterial. Even though I have not been able to catch the matches live (probably the only crib I ll ever have with my management), the highlights were enough to show me that the little genius has never looked so placid.

Yes he has changed his style of batting. He has become more choosy about his shots and he’s become more focused on getting the basic’s right before going forward with his innings but where has the zeal gone. Where is the determination to hold on and rescue the sinking ship?

Its great to see that he walked out before the decision was given but that was no stage to do that considering that its was ambiguous whether he was actually holding the bat at the time of contact. Also considering that the pitch was finally bowler friendly and the one-day hit-out-get-out specialists would not be able to hang around and test their luck.

It will be sad to see a limping Sachin walk out every time and then retrace the route back without any useful contribution.

Its taken for granted that no one even dares to suggest the unthinkable about the great man but it will be real sad to see him not contributing. 16yrs in international cricket – I guess he knows more about the game and about himself than anyone else and should the time come he should make the call himself. To that day I ll pray that he will continue to enthrall all the cricket lovers the way he has done for so long.

A fictious moment about Sachin here. Probably he never doing anything like that is what makes him such a desirable human being first and the greatest cricketer next.

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3 thoughts on “Sachin, still alive!”

  1. It is a well known fact that Sachin has lost all the steam mate. It is sad but still he’s Sachin. Who knows when he’ll explode!

  2. It is a well known fact that Sachin has lost all the steam mate. It is sad but still he’s Sachin. Who knows when he’ll explode!

  3. With age comes responsibility .Perennialy india’s 20/2 man in test cricket and always the match winner for India in ODI’s would make anyones game change.
    Poeple forget the times when he used to blast 60’s off 40 balls but India used to win because of team efforts of azhar,prabhakar and dev. Time’s change.
    He is to India what the sun is to the solar system and the fool’s with a pen in their hands can write him off for the World Cup without realising that the true fans would just stop watching the game let alone read their senseless articles.

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