Salud, Google Plus!

Here’s to really hoping G+ takes off. Accepted that both are really different and in the coming months, Facebook’s newly acquired design team will throw some amazing design at us but if Google can unveil API’s and App’s quickly and can retain speed after the millions join in, then I don’t see why Facebook can see the sunset. G+ interface is awesome and the circles approach may just be the best thing social out there but some things we need really soon:

  • Allow me to modify/add/remove circles after posting stuff.
  • Give me an alpha G+ URL – instead of one of the trillion’th number id.
  • Apps & API’s – Faster!  And yes, ability to see email in my Google bar on the top!
I like the suggestion that Google is from the valley so they will be broder adoption unlike Facebook which was primarily a university pastime, hoping this is true!

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One thought on “Salud, Google Plus!”

  1. Since u have praised Google+, I can’t help but tell this to you.

    Whenever I do a status update, an e-mail goes to my friends by default that I have invited them to see my status!(i.e people who are not in my circles yet!). They are super irritated with me cuz everytime I change something on my Google+ profile, they get an email saying she has invited you to see this, check that, etc! :O
    I tried to see where my settings where going wrong and I have realized that I had only two options to rectify this!
    1. Either I add them in my circle(even if I dont want to!)
    2. Or whatever I do in my profile, they will continue to receive emails!

    Ajeeb zabardasti it is! :O

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