5:30 pm, Monday Evening.

Life’s piling up on me. Have 3 exams in as many days. I need GPA to get internships. Americans are good guys, they trust and we fuck up. I want to score now. I want to earn well and stop looking at old pics of my friends and say this guy works there, she is studying here.

The last few weeks have just breezed past. My girl friends pissed with me cos I don’t call her regularly. She’s been there every time I needed her and even now she’s going out of her way to see that she does stuff that brings us closer. All of my friends had a get-together in bangalore last weekend and she made it there and I being a jerk never got around calling her. She’s pissed and there’s nothing that I can do to make things better.

Work’s piling up too. Amazing things are happening all around and I being a silent spectator. PFC is growing amazingly. Anurag’s writing on Satya is like a dream come true. Oz want’s me to get Shekar for PFC and I am failing time and again. I need to get Shekar, he’s belongs on PFC. Also another friend has his script done and I need to get his thing going too. All I need to do is just be a little less lazy and be focused. Not get carried away by American distractions or run after dirt cheap deals.

I need to write too. I had promised myself every week that I ll have my first article on pfc up by the end of week but I haven’t as of now. Writer’s bloc… it’s a joke. I am no writer. Writer’s need discipline. I have none. National Highways are where my mind is set now… passion for speed is consuming me more.

Oz told me that all the guys there are chucking work or working barely to write regularly or improve pfc. I am just giving excuses. I have 3 or 4 hrs that I while away everyday, I can put it to use. Fuck, the above piece took me I hour to write. Gappe maring with who ever walks in. 6:30pm already.

Netflix’s account has been dormant for a while. Haven’t returned a DVD in a while. I haven’t watched a complete movie in a while but I have had the time to see Casino Royale, Umrao Jan and Ssaw 3 in a theatre. Shit movies… and I talked all the while in departed. Missed the good parts in it… never did that before in a good movie…

Balanacing things in life should be easy. A friend gave a lecture y’day as to how I just have 3 things to do here – Study, Work to Live and Be in touch back home. I ll add one more, some passion to do what I need to. It should be easy…

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5 thoughts on “Scribbles”

  1. yup… still me… and yes uday, future – its not all hunky dory out there man!

    @Chaitu… always felt it… now seeing the roads here and the solitude that driving offers, i just want to hit the gas all the time….

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