Silence on the air…

Over the last few months, I have been tuning into this one particular radio station KUSF which plays some really good classical music that i had taken a liking too. I don’t know most of the music that’s played but I have come to appreciate it in between the crime filled newscasts of cbs or the financial talk on NPR ( I always seem to get this one program when ever I tune to NPR?!)

Anyways, the station was  static yesterday evening and continuous scanning was futile. And today morning I found out that KUSF was bought over by USC/LA and will now be converted from a volunteer run local sf station to a non-profit USC centric classical and commercial music station. Apparently, the decision to sell the station was made without inputs from any of the volunteers there and the station and dj were online when the transponder was shut down.

Why is it that I feel bad for a radio station being taken over in the natural resetting of market needs as opposed to a let’s say my bank being taken over? Does the issue of beneficiaries / victims making money or not play a part in this? Should the community have a say in this especially for a station feeding the soul of the community as opposed to the wallets of certain individuals?

Free markets do help but is there an argument to be made for sensible regulation on deals that affect large communities especially when it involves profiteering by a few?

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