4 thoughts on “The bearded one – still bent.”

  1. Ravi, the man is much more than just one adjective. A writer of his caliber is granted certain eccentric moments. I half agreed with him, when I saw TLOEG and Constantine, but I do not think he harbours his venom for his adaptations alone.. but Hollywood in general, as can be read in your link. I liked V, and I am sure Snyder will do a good job with Watchmen.. but this book was in a different league altogether, and it would be only foolish to believe a movie can justify its representation. I really admire Moore for his writing, although am not a fanboy.. I do think its cheap gimmickry sometimes to call upon him before his book-movies are shown on the big screen, especially after his dislike for movies is well documented.

  2. There are no saints in that world, surely. I do not know ALL the stories and controversies between him and DC-Warner Bros, chronologically or otheriwse. I know a few, may be just like you do. But I can imagine there is a lotta bad blood there. We know of his disgruntlement with his bosses, and him preferring smaller publishing companies by now. And this is no way reveling, in any aspect. He s 50 something, with a wealth of creative work to boast of, give him a break.

    What I do not like is people with far less talent lambasting a person with a gift far brighter than those bestowed on most of us.. just coz they ve a right of speech. It just seems incorrect.

    But I may be wrong.

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