The Revenant

Disturbing, gruesome, hard to digest. Revenant as a visual experience is a tough watch.

But for what its worth, once you sit through the movie, there are questions that you ask yourself. Can we, the modern 21st century humans can deal with lack of material comforts and technology. Do we have what it takes to survive the elements and have a hunger to live. Maybe its unfair considering the advances we have made but makes you wonder if a story like this, how much ever  fictionalized, could have ever happened a couple of centuries back.

Tom Hardy was phenomenal and is lost in the character.  He does not stand out as someone who needs to be felt for or thought about even though the performance is stellar.

As expected, this is a Leonardo DiCaprio show. Does he deserve an Oscar for this performance – maybe or maybe not – but the suffering to make this movie and the determination to showcase the braving of elements deserves our applause. IMHO, he should have been given an award a long time back and I am wondering if he had one; would this movie have a different dimension to it; maybe we would have gotten to see the side of story that was less about suffering and more about the return from death – the revenant. And maybe, just maybe, Alejandro Inarritu would have directed a movie with a little more to it than just human ability to survive for revenge.

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