Time for India to Act – 2:

Time for India to Act – 1.

I wrote the above article when there was a fidayeen attack in Srinagar last year when a jeep full of explosives rammed into a building killing a dozen people or so. The story then was similar to what happened yesterday in Mumbai & Srinagar. There were loud noises made by the Govt. about the escalating situation of terror in the valley and then everything fell into the same old way.

Will there ever be a time when we will act?

The only statement issued by the P.M so far indicates that he is more concerned about spirit of our countrymen and how we still need to keep our calm in the face of all adversities but restrain from going after any criminals. His statement reads:

“This is not the first time that the enemies of our nation have tried to undermine our peace and prosperity. These elements have not yet understood that we Indians can stand united. That we will stand united. They have not yet understood that we will never let them win. Mumbai stands tall once again as the symbol of a united India — An inclusive India. Let me say, no one can make India kneel. No one can come in the path of our progress. The wheels of our economy will move on. India will continue to walk tall, and with confidence”.

Indians can stand united? Do we have a choice in this? As long as there is no policy to curb these incidents and when the mandate of the people is only for convenience, the whole nation is united behind policies of the vote banks.

Mumbai stands tall – Yes, it does. The wheels of the economy will move on, irrespective of the direction, it will move on.

We will walk tall…

Why the hell should we walk tall? What is this affair with walking tall and being the most respected, cultured, non-violent, peaceful nation in the world? Why is there a need to carry this tag anymore as it is not relevant in times of open attacks and guerrilla warfare taking place all around?

A nation is called great by the number of people it has saved, not by the number of people it has sacrificed. Yes, we have built this nation on honor, culture, tradition, value systems where retaliation is a no-go and that we take in all that is meted out to us but that’s precisely the reason why some things are called past and history! Can’t we ever draw a line and say that’s out history and now we have changed?

Is it so necessary to be known throughout the world as a nation of peace and integrity when in our own backyard we have the most dangerous place in the world continually churning out machinery of death? Is it such a moral imperative to keep putting a face of the resolute crusader of peace when the people who keep attacking have no belief in humanity and peace?

The world likes those who win and when we finally win they will like us. Till then can’t we put aside our image of being the land of Mahatma and show some iron will? The victorious is war shall be the kings in peace. That’s the way the world works today so why not embrace this line?

Terrorism is here to stay. Just imagine the number of people, who must have been involved in a project that was so well coordinated, 7 blasts all in a span of 30mins. The sheer number of sympathizers to a project like this tells you that the resolution of these people is strong and they will do anything to break our will.

The perpetrators of yesterday’s crimes just look like the everyday junta you see on roads. How do you put an end to a war that’s taken up by pregnant women acting as fidayeens? How do you stop such women from blowing up in public places? Forget the law of morals and ethics, even the law of nature cannot permit such wrong doings. So how will moral high-grounds and walking tall solve our problems?

Once again, everyone shouts out that there needs to be action taken. It’s difficult but a concrete start can be made. You have to take the war to the enemy in order to defend yourself. Didn’t we have enough catalysts already to make us act? Do we require more?

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