Tour de France ~ 2009!

Alrite baby! Lance is BAYK on the BIKE! Tour de France starts in < 6hrs and me, am ready to cheer. To all the naysayers – THERE IS NO WINNER OR LOSER IN A BIKE RACE. There are the mortals, and then are the cyclists! For the next 20days, a few hun100,000 fans will line up the alps of france to cheer the 200 odd men who battle their demons to pedel beyond what man was ever supposed to. I can’t be there, this yr but I will cheer – cheer cos THE SPORT IS STILL ALIVE, and cos, IT IS A SPORT WORTH GETTING PAINED FOR!

To LANCE and the rest of the PELETON Viva la TOUR!

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2 thoughts on “Tour de France ~ 2009!”

  1. Lance Armstrong is definitely the ambassador of Le Tour to the rest of the world. Just saw part of 3rd stage, the mountain stage I think.. Man! what do these guys eat!! the stamina they have is super-human…

  2. It is quite simple, the greatest sporting event in the world. Interms of action, drame, crowds or for the sheer courage/talent/stamina and the sporting brotherhood these guys have.

    Lance, yes, has no doubt been instrumental in taking this sport to a higher level and his comeback to promote his cause and foundation is no doubt great for the sport blemished time and again by contraversies.

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