Values while scaling a Company/Team

As I spend more time on how to grow Liatrio to being a company that really believes in adding value for our customers and also having a culture that we always hoped all enterprises had, the below list (hat tip summarizes the value system that we completely subscribe to.

  1. Very high IQ.
  2. Strong sense of purpose.
  3. Relentless focus on success.
  4. Aggressive and competitive.
  5. High-quality bar bordering on perfectionism.
  6. Likes changing and disrupting things.
  7. New ideas on how to do things better.
  8. High integrity.
  9. Surrounds themselves with good people.
  10. Cares about building real value over perception.

At the end of the day; its the company and the team that will be our lasting legacy – not small wins or missed opportunities.

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