Velocity Conference – 2013

Was at Velocity conference @ Santa Clara last week was an absolute blast! Had a chance to attend all three days of the conference with a few of my colleagues from work and along with the Atlassian conference, this has to be one of the best out there. The speaker list had a good mix of some really good technical topics but mostly, the conversation centred around how fast technology is changing and how culture needs to change to ensure that we keep going in the right direction.

Below are a few of the interesting talks/presentations and material from the conference.

1. Avoiding Risk in Technology – by Johan Bergstorm

2.  Continuous Deployment with real-time diffsBy Brett Slatkin (Google)

3. If You don’t understand People, You don’t understand Ops – By Kate Matsudaira

Please take some time to listen to this talk. Culture is the most important and difficult thing to change when it comes to companies and Kate really boils it down to the how and the what!

4. How to run Post-Mortems with Humans(Not Robots) – By Dan Milstein

Check out Dan’s talk as well on the conference site; his presentation and engagement skills are top notch!

5. Gameday on Obama Campaign – By Dylan Richard 

Again, only at a conference like this will you get to listen to talks like this. The scale of the campaign tech spread is phenomenal.

5. How to win Computers and Influence Reality – By Adam Jacob (Co-Founder of Opscode)

Read the deck and internalize it. Adam’s a true visionary in understanding computers and trends around the world. Take his predictions and warning seriously!!

A few other highlights:

  • The DevOps panel discussion that had Gene Kim, Jez Humble and Jame Turnbull was really good. Gene and Jez were brilliant as usual and their take on DevOps as a field in IT was valuable
  • In the exhibitors area, came across a company called AppDynamics that had a really cool application to identify & monitor hardware with a simple agent mechanism. Do check them out.
  • Natalia’s Live Sketching at the conference
  • Great Coffee, Crappy Wifi.

All in all, great time!

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