What can you say when people just don’t understand… peace leads to peace, hatred leads to hatred! I guess all you can say is: all the wonder that mankind’s intelligence is; is just for filling white spaces with prose and verse and ever-winding wordplay… the battles with bullets and the chivalry of might is what shapes the world… its been that forever and so it goes on…


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5 thoughts on “Wars”

  1. Please write more often on such things.. ever since Chaitu shut down his blog, I ve no idea where the world is going.

    And thank you for side-stepping the American media. =)

  2. Interesting article. I m not familiar with the politics of middle east and this was like a window… Its just sad to see people with power being so blind to reality and proliferating destruction… Or are they just seeing profits? ‘cos who really cares abt people living as refugees on their own land!

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