There are supposed to be an estimated 60 million blogs in the world. And growing exponentially. Excluding Linux loyalists, note pad users and other easy editing programs, I believe 95% of the bloggers use MS Word.

What is surprising is the dictionary in WORD does not auto recognize the words: blog, blogger, weblog etc.

Felt pretty weird. I actually tried to verify on 3 different operating systems in one of our testing dept wings, the latest being XP Media edition, all of which have word bundled with it.

I know that the dictionary needs to be updated and that if the latest pluggin is installed, I would find the word, but then the reason for which MS word is the most widely used these days does not recognize it.


On hindsight, not a real eye opener is it?

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12 thoughts on “Weird!”

  1. Why do you wanna use Word for writing a blog? You ve all these ugly red lines for half of the words we type.. or rather I type..

    More over, can’t open Word on a my Mac! :p

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