Westover Test

Almost settled into my new job. Being an IT guy (pseudo I say)all my life, consulting for other industries is refreshing. The amount you have to assimilate about an industry to even think about putting down numbers or making a plan is tremendrous, but know I know whey IT companies hire any engineer or a techie job. What we learn in school is crap… HR was correct, slash the curves with the lines. Go straight.

My job gives me the freedom to travel. This is the end of my second week and have traveled almost the entire New England region, going to places that I never imagined I would. New England is beautiful, Massachusetts and Maine are breath-taking and upstate NY is rich and lush. Getting off freeways to drive on the country roads can be a pain sometimes but country-roads is where the magnificence of this country lies. And GPS, Google maps and GE are designed to hide a lot more than show everything!

Have been slacking on writing these days. Haven’t written what I promised to PFC gang for a week now. The words are just not falling into place.

First day on the sets of Deepti’s new movie tomorrow in Queens. My first ever role and sketch!!! hahaha…

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