What they are really doing…

The furor over the former foreign minister Mr. Jaswant Singh’s book A Call to Honour continued today with the PM Dr. Manmohan Singh daring him to identify the mole that was present in the former PM Mr. Narshima Rao’s cabinet during the 90’s.

The PM, the statement says, was very forceful when he was attacking Mr. Jaswant Singh and he said that “… only shows that the opposition has no real issues and they are seeking excuses.” The PM was forceful when attacking the opposition but he could not be so when issuing the statement after the blasts. He needed to have a written text to speak to the nation for a couple of mins throwing to wind caution of being politically incorrect and speaking the truth and not worrying about alienating a voting base?

Mr. Jaswant Singh was one amazing foreign minister and he atleast has the guts to speak about what he thinks. As far as I can remember he is the only politician who took on the world press and came out on top esp. after the 1998 nuclear tests when he spoke extempore about the need to strengthen our nation against rouge nations. And bottom line is that he was a man enough to go to Kandahar unarmed to get back our citizens, much better than the present leaders in power who fear to even step out in front of camera’s least they are caught saying anything except singing praises of their “phoren” party chief.

It’s been more than 2 weeks since the attacks now and except for people picking up pieces of their lives and moving on, nothing’s come of it. The parliament was adjourned today for mourning the death of Mr. Mahajan and I am sure from tomorrow, instead of discussing the important national issues, there are going to be allegations traded and walkouts. And all this on national television!

The other day I was reading a quote by an unnamed cabinet minister from the ruling party saying that the present PM is only for a term and that he would not be allowed to take any action because the party had the need to be in power the next term and that was all that mattered. So as long as this ideology continues, what will we ever achieve?

The PMO is prompt and forceful to issue statements as to how the opposition is responsible for everything that’s going bad with our nation but will any action be taken against the perpetrators’ of actual crimes in out nation? A dear friend and a fellow blogger articulates as to why we won’t go the Israel way but is it a solution that we must seek now? Has the time come for us to drop the wail of goodness and that of being pacifists and take up arms?

They will like us when we win – is something that is so right. Is the time here for us to push for a victory at any costs upon us now?

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