Hi! Welcome to my home on the Web. My name is Ravi Kalaga. Professionally, I am an enterprise Digital, Agile, DevOps & Cloud Transformations Executive and Entrepreneur. My passion is to help Large Enterprises get better at Software Delivery and achieve Business Agility.

In 2015, I had the great privilege to co-found and Head the DevOps & Consulting Services at Liatrio, I have the privilege to work with some of the smartest and dedicated DevOps experts in our field at the company we have managed to build in the last 6 yrs. More about my professional journey and other information here.

Originally from Hyderabad, India; I spent 12yrs in the wonderful Bay Area living in Oakland Hills, California. In 2020, we moved to Frisco, TX and along with my wonderful partner for 12yrs, Ritu & my 2yr old son Dhruv, we are getting to like and explore N.Texas. Outside of DevOps, my passions include studying about wine, soccer, getting out into the wilderness and (a bit of) photography.